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Corporate Events

We conceptualize, source, and produce corporate events across the country for major corporations as well as for small companies. Our events range from formal evening affairs; to outdoor music concerts; to tailgate picnics. There isn’t an aspect or a detail of any of our events that Twirl doesn’t handle, including finding venues, site checks, registration, booking talent, menus, decor, invitations, AV needs, vendor relations, VIP security, print collateral, transportation, and budget management.

Private Parties

Entertaining adds so much to our quality of life and Twirl gets you out of the kitchen so that you can enjoy your own party. From concept, to food, to entertainment, and décor… Twirl can create a get together that will have your guests talking about it long after the party is over.


Twirl weddings are always just what you dreamed they would be. We involve you in every creative decision so that we can realize your unique vision. We introduce you to the very best in the business… for music, photography, food and venue, and then we orchestrate all that talent so that your wedding is perfection for you, your family and your guests.

Non Profit

Twirl envisions unique events that bring people together all for a good cause. The venue, the entertainment, the flow of the event all have to be just right for people to want to come; to want to stay; and to freely support a good cause. Twirl always comes up with the magic formula which makes these events so much fun and such a success.

Photo Credits
Corporate: Travis Anderson Photography; Conway Photography; Steve Allen Photography
Private Parties: Liz Banfield Photography; Travis Anderson Photography
Weddings: Travis Anderson Photography; BrioArt Photography; Liz Banfield Photography
Non-Profit: KIN Photography


About Us

With over 12 years production experience and the success of over 400 major corporate events, private parties, charity functions and weddings in our portfolio, Twirl Events and our renown team of talented event creators would love the opportunity to work with you on your next event.



Janet Garnaas


The original “Twirl Girl”, Janet has had over 15 years of experience creating some of the most talked-about corporate events across the country for companies large and small. There is not a single Twirl event that doesn’t benefit from Janet’s vision. And her team takes her creative lead in executing all the special Twirl touches and details that have earned her the reputation as the go-to “girl” for events that ooze style and graceful hospitality.


Holin Laughlin

Manager of Events

It’s Tuesday, who’s in Chicago? Who’s in Tampa? Who’s in LA? Holin not only knows, but has all the details planned and organized to manage the Twirl teams on the ground in these cities, enabling them to pull off another signature successful, crowd-pleasing event. Holin is the ground control who interfaces with client and crew with her calm professionalism… which, quite frankly, has them all twirled around her little finger.


Gretchen Garnaas

Director of Events

Gretchen joined the Twirl team after working for one of D.C’s toniest event planners, staging elaborate functions for non-profit organizations and corporate big wigs as well. Today, her work for Twirl takes her all over the country. And everywhere she touches down, some great event gets set into motion thanks to lots of strategic planning and creative solutions. There isn’t a project or a client request too outside-the-box for Gretchen because, if you’re a Twirl girl, outside the box is where you spin.


Carmen Clemens

Twirl Girl

In Carmen’s world there isn’t anything that doesn’t already exist or can’t be made. And because she’s proved that for countless events, she is the go-to girl to source all those things our clients or our Twirl team dream up. If there is something new, edgy and very different in the realm of décor,food, favors, music… Carmen already knows about it, and what’s even better, knows where to find it.


Holly Adams

Twirl Girl

How do you ship 1,000 peonies to a hotel in Chicago in January? How many people do you need to transform a ballroom into a circus, and then dissemble everything before Monday? How do you assemble 3,000 bag lunches for guests at a Nascar race in a parking lot tent? Any one of these questions would keep most of us awake at night, but Holly can solve these and thousands more logistical party perplexities in her sleep. Holly is especially adept at keeping Twirl events running smoothly and catching all those little things before they fall through the cracks.


Carrie Cochran

Twirl Girl

Need a palm tree for a beach party? A witch’s caldron for a Halloween party? How ‘bout a miniature of the Empire State Building? Armed with hammer, nails, and an endless supply of creativity and humor, Carrie can make just about anything our Twirl team can sketch out. What’s that? A client just gave us a tall order? Carrie just whipped out her ladder.

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