Team Twirl

Kelly Regan

Twirl Negotiator

No matter the topic Kelly will have the best solution and navigate “peace talks” like poetry! New clients, vendor contacts, thoughtful communications throughout the entire process of your event has been practiced and perfected with her many years of experience in the industry. Kelly rounds out this perfect team and will be sure to let us all know this if we forget!

Schuyler Peterson

Twirl Girl Friday

No matter what day it is—weekends included— Schuyler has the answers. The combination of Schuyler’s calm demeanor and timely get-er-done philosophy makes Twirl’s check list that much shorter! Schuyler started with Twirl 7 years ago, then left to further her work experience and is now back where she belongs!

Carrie Cochran

Twirl Logician

With an endless supply of smart creativity and sweet humor, Carrie can (with a smile) organize and effectively enhance any Twirl event. Carrie has over ten years of compliment-filled experience with Twirl. Carrie consistently provides a refined, simplified and logistically smart approach that results in unforgettable events.

Carmen Clemens

Twirl Artisan

Carmen has been a member of Team Twirl since 2011. Her previous experience includes event management, event coordination and wedding planning at one of the finest wedding venues in Minneapolis, The Calhoun Beach Club. In Carmen World (it has a zip code) anything is possible. If there is something new, edgy and unique… Carmen knows and will make it happen beautifully.

Holly Adams

Twirl Ops

Holly has been with Team Twirl for over eight years and brings more than 18 years of industry experience to the Twirl table. She excels in client relations and the intricacies of onsite execution. As an onsite event leader, she not only gives her best, but she demands and encourages the best from all with whom she collaborates. Clients unanimously agree that the results speak for themselves and speak highly of Holly.

Gretchen Garnaas

Chief Strategist

Gretchen joined Team Twirl three+ years ago after working in Washington D.C. for a non-profit company as a Project Manager, plus Manager of Events and Special Projects. In addition, Gretchen worked for one of Washington D.C.’s best known event planners for over three years. Today, her work takes her around the country setting events into motion with her Twirlwind of strategic planning and highly creative solutions.

Holin Laughlin

Innovation Officer

Holin is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has been a Twirl Girl since the early days. Over six years later, Holin’s unwavering dedication, can-do attitude and problem-busting ability have been directly linked to Twirl’s success. As a project lead, Holin’s calm nature, strategic find-a-way approach and her infectious sense of humor keep things Twirling smoothly.

Janet Garnaas

Founding Visionary

The original “Twirl Girl,” Janet has over 20 years of experience creating simply stunning events.  In 2001, Janet debuted Twirl to the world. Janet has imagined, created and executed events that have earned her the reputation as the go-to for classic style and graceful hospitality. Janet excels in the area of client relations, creative strategy and business management. She is convinced that there’s always a creative solution to any challenge.

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